These groups are Connection’s way of doing small groups. We have designed our Community Groups to foster authentic community. We believe that spiritual growth happens best in small communities of believers who are devoted to encouraging one another, praying for one another, and discussing Biblical truth together. 

Our hope and prayer is that each person that calls C3 home will find authentic community via a Community Group. We truly believe that the time you invest in a Community Group will help you grow deeper in your relationship with God and with your brothers and sisters in the church. 

Please check out our groups below and feel free to “test drive” a few. Have questions about a group? Need some help finding the right group for you? Or…..want to get involved in hosting/facilitating a group yourself? That is great! You can get in touch with our groups coordinator right here!

Covid-19 Guidance – Our groups typically meet in home settings. Therefore, varying levels of covid precautions are observed. See the group descriptions below to get a feel for meeting expectations and find a group that fits your personal comfort levels. As always, if you aren’t feeling well or have been in close contact with someone that has recently tested positive for covid-19 then let your group facilitator know and take a break from your group to reduce risk of exposure to others. They’ll surely miss you and look forward to your return.

The CDC has some excellent guidance for small gatherings here. Check it out and decide what is right for you and your family.

Sunday Morning Sunday School

When: Sunday at 9:00 am
Next Meeting: Aug 7
Where: C3 at the Plant – Storage Area near food pantry
Who: Open to anyone
Childcare: Let me know if needed and we’ll figure it out.
Facilitator: Marshall Wilson
Study: Systematic Theology – Gruden
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional
The format of this group will be much like that of a traditional Sunday morning Sunday school class. Come have a cup of coffee and dig into the scriptures as you build a systematic understanding of what you believe and why.

Sunday Night Bible Study

When: Sunday at 6:00 pm
Next Meeting: Aug 7
Where: C3 at the Plant
Who: Open to anyone
Childcare: We are meeting during Icon!
Facilitator: Beth Larusso
Study: The Book of Matthew
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional

Finishing Well

When: Mondays at 6:00 pm
Next Meeting: Aug 8
Where: Bunker Hill
Who: Sorry – Group full
Facilitator: Todd Staubs
Study: The Book of Daniel
Covid-19: Meeting indoors –  mask optional

Young Hearts

When: Every Other Tuesday at 6:00
Next Meeting: Aug 9
Where: Kelly’s house in Inwood, WV
Who: Women ages 18 to 29
Childcare: Kids welcome
Facilitator: Kelly Coghlan
Host: Kelly Coghlan
Study: Women Who Move Mountains – Detweiler
Covid-19: Meeting outdoors when nice – mask optional


When: 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:30
Next Meeting: Aug 9
Where: C3 at the Plant
Who: Men that enjoy sports
Childcare: None
Facilitator: Kenny Banks
Host: Kenny Banks
Study: Sports discussions and activities with a Christ centered spin. Guest speakers, trips, activities and great fellowship. Not your normal small group.
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional

Warriors for the Word

When: Wednesday at 10:00 am
Next Meeting: Aug 10
Where: C3 at the Plant
Who: Anyone looking to better live out God’s magnificent and beautiful vision for His Church
Childcare: No childcare
Facilitators: Deborah Duncan and Jym Winberg
Hosts: Deborah Duncan
Study: Crazy Love – Francis Chan
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional – BYOB (Beverage)

Hungry Hearts

When: Every other Tuesday at 6:30
Next Meeting: Aug 9
Where: Inwood, WV
Who: Open to all
Childcare: none
Facilitator: Tim Mcmanigle – 540.664.1704
Study: Principles of Spiritual Growth
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional

Have you ever found yourself worrying about your finances, or health, or your children, or your marriage, or possibly an ongoing sin? Maybe, it has gone beyond worry to anxiety, or stress, or maybe even distress and discouragement and hopelessness. 

Have you ever been angry with God because He doesn’t seem to be answering your prayers and you are disappointed because the Christian life has become much more frustrating and difficult than you thought, and you are contemplating giving it all up and like the Israelites thinking that maybe it would be better to go back to Egypt? Or maybe you’ve just been giving some thought to throwing your Bible up on a shelf, and sleeping in on Sunday mornings.

There have been many times in my Christian life when these fleshly thoughts have come to mind, and over the years, the Lord has brought me into contact with many frustrated, burned out, and disappointed Christians as well. People who like myself, have tried to live the kind of Christ-life that the Bible teaches, but they’ve repeatedly failed and have given up hope that they will ever be that Christ-like example that we see in the Scriptures.

Obviously, God doesn’t want us to live frustrated and hopeless lives. So, what do we do? Or better yet, what has God done to set us free from frustration and discouragement and anxiety and fear and hopelessness? The answer to this question is found, like every true and right answer to life’s problems, in the Scriptures.

Bring your hungry heart and we will dig and search through the Scriptures and, Lord willing, discover His answer for man’s dilemma. 😊

Grace Tide

When: Wednesday at 6
Next Meeting: Fall Session
Where: Kerneysville and/or Martinsburg, WV
Who: Open to anyone
Childcare: You bring the kids and we’ll figure out childcare together  🙂
Facilitator: Pastor Tim Butler
Hosts: Wendy Bird
Study: Sermon Based
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional – sharing food

Heart Connect

When: Wednesday at 6
Next Meeting: Aug 10
Where: C3 at the Plant
Who: Women 18+
Childcare: We’d love to arrange for childcare. Just let us know if needed.
Facilitator: Cindy Cattlett
Study: Experiencing God
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional

The Well

When: Every Other Wednesday at 6:30
Next Meeting: Fall Session
Where: Bunker Hill
Who: Open to anyone, but mainly consists of empty nesters
Childcare: Not currently but we’ll set it up if/when needed 🙂
Facilitators: Jason Bentley and Doug Stamey
Hosts: Brian and Angela Horner
Study: The Book of James – Francis Chan
Covid-19: Meeting outdoors – mask option – Sharing meals


When: Wednesday at 6:00
Next Meeting: Aug 10
Where: Megan’s house in Inwood, WV
Who: Anyone 18-29
Childcare: We’d love to arrange for childcare. Just let us know if needed.
Facilitator: Ms. Butler
Host: Megan Hixon
Study: The Acts of the Apostles – Louie Giglio
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional

Food For Thought
WHEN: Tuesday at 6:30
Next Meeting: Fall Session
WHERE: Inwood
Who: Open To Anyone
CHILDCARE: Kids Welcome, but childcare not provided. We’ll figure it out together! 🙂
FACILITATORS: Matthew Webster
Hosts: Jeff and Laura Lapole
Study: Winning the War in Your Mind – Groeschel
Covid-19: Mask optional – sharing food

Growing Believers Verse-by-Verse
WHEN: Thursdays at 9:00 am
Next Meeting: Aug 11
WHERE: C3 at the Plant
Who: Anyone interested in reading and discussing the scriptures
CHILDCARE: No child care
HOST: Rick Barrett
Study: Working our way through Paul’s letters
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional – BYOC (Coffee)

Glory Bound

When: Wednesdays at 1:30
Next Meeting: Fall Session

Where: C3 at the Plant
Who: Primarily retired folks
Childcare: no childcare provided
Facilitator: Pastor Tim Butler
Study: Sermon Based
Covid-19: Meeting indoors –  social distancing – mask optional

No Rest for the Empty Nest

WHEN: Every other Thursday at 7:00
Next Meeting: Fall Session
WHERE: The Mattingly’s home in Winchester, VA
Who: Parents of adult children
Study: Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them – Ortberg
FACILITATORS: Gene and Missy Mattingly
HOSTS: Gene and Missy Mattingly
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional – sharing food

Truth Seekers

When: 1st and 3rd Thursday at 6:00
Next Meeting: Aug 18
Where: C3 at the Plant
Who: Open to anyone
Study: The Green Letters
CHILDCARE: no childcare provided
Facilitator: Pastor Rich Sherrard
Hosts: Joyce Welsh
Covid-19: Meeting indoors – mask optional

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