Welcome to Kidz Connect! We are so glad you’re here and you are interested in serving in this exciting ministry that teaches children the love of Jesus. Please tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to volunteer with Kidz Connect, as well as the different ways in which you would like to serve. Most of our Kidz Connect volunteers rotate one Sunday a month. The more volunteers we have, the more flexible our schedule can be!

We ask that all of our Kidz Connect volunteers agree to the C3 Statement of Faith.

To ensure a safe place for our children, all volunteers will be required to pass a background check before volunteering.

For any questions please submit a contact form on the Kidz Connect main page here.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Large Group Teacher

Our Kidz meet for a large group lesson after our worship time and before dividing into small groups. These lessons range from 15-20 minutes and the lesson is provided to you. *Some large group teachers choose to lead a small group afterward as well, but it is not required*


Small Group Teacher

Small group teachers lead age-specific activities, crafts, and games in the classrooms (lesson and materials provided). Small group teachers stay in the classroom with the children until all have been picked up by their parent/guardian.

Classroom Helper

Helpers are so vital to a fun and effective ministry! Classroom helpers hang out in the classroom with the children during small group time and help the teacher.

Check In/Check Out Attendant

Check-In/Check-Out Attendants help monitor our Check-In system when parents are checking in their kids in the morning and checking them out after the service. Attendants will receive training on how to use the Check In software. Attendants should be at the station 9:40-10:05 for Check-In and at the end of service until all kids are checked out (about 20 minutes).

Kidz Connect Volunteer Interest Form

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